Can You Integrate Parenting and Career?

With so many constant changes, the duty falls upon us all to prepare tomorrow’s youth with the tools to be rational and creative.

I was making a sandwich for lunch as I thought about my next topic and it suddenly dawned on me that I’d like to explore the best ways to integrate parenting with growing a business. Most people who are the SAHP (stay-at-home-parent) eventually decide to return to work once their child or children get a little older.

On the surface, it doesn’t seem like it would be too difficult for most with the help of school and extra curricular activities. You send your child to school and you get to be a normal adult again. Sounds like an ideal norm.

But what happens when you no longer have that safety net that ensures your set few hours in the day to enhance your being?

COVID-19 upended just about everyone’s situation last year. Families went from having different places to go for the day to spending every minute with one another over night. Parents no longer traveled for work. Kids weren’t able to safely go to school. Grandparents weren’t able to see the people they cared for the most. Friends and family celebration’s came to a halt as lockdowns were put in place for public safety. Front Line Responders from every industry put themselves in harms way every day to ensure the world had what it needed to survive.

Let’s face it, 2020 was a dud of a year. Everyone experienced pandemic fatigue so we all began looking forward to new beginnings and new norms in the new year.

Face masks, social distancing, development of a few successful vaccines, remote learning and remote working aid in our efforts to bring about a new norm for living. They have become the pillars of this new era of once-in-a-lifetime circumstances.

This leaves SAHPs in a bit of a pickle as he or she tries to get into a new groove whether that’s meeting up with friends and previous co-workers, making time for the gym or rebuilding a career. Parents of young singletons may have an even more difficult time navigating how to ensure the child continues to thrive while striking a balance with building their career.

Allow your kids to get involved in what you do.

Sandra Oh Lin, founder of Kiwi Crate, mom of 3.

Peculiar times such as these inspire parents to get the children involved in entrepreneurship endeavors. This helps build a great foundation as they grow and mature into assets of society with knowledge they can pass long to the next generation and so forth. With so many constant changes, the duty falls upon us all to prepare tomorrow’s youth with the tools to be rational and creative.

What are some parent-child businesses that you have come across? Do you have a business with your child? What challenges do you face juggling parenting with work management?

Leave a comment and share your thoughts about this week’s topic.

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