Kindergarten Bound

Sounds the horns! Pound the drums! My little guy is moving on up to kindergarten after completing one of the craziest school years he may ever have in his life. I must commend him on engaging and interacting during virtual class sessions and being brave enough to agree to an in-person hybrid schedule. Fortunately, heContinue reading “Kindergarten Bound”

Can You Integrate Parenting and Career?

With so many constant changes, the duty falls upon us all to prepare tomorrow’s youth with the tools to be rational and creative. I was making a sandwich for lunch as I thought about my next topic and it suddenly dawned on me that I’d like to explore the best ways to integrate parenting withContinue reading “Can You Integrate Parenting and Career?”

Working and Parenting

In the midst of COVID-19 Pandemic They say the hardest job in the world is being a parent or full-time caretaker. Whether hands-on or from a distance, engaged parents and caretakers perform an often thankless job with no HR department for complaints about client tantrums and public meltdowns. Nowadays, times have shifted into an unmappedContinue reading “Working and Parenting”