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Coffee, please?

Autumn is rolling in slowly, but surely, and with that brings a new school year and a reason for parents to actually get some work done. Summer made it hard for me to focus on the business and perfecting my craft. I took a few trips and had a few dips. Now that things areContinue reading “Coffee, please?”

Highlighting Photographers

It’s that time again! Here is another installment of my Highlight Photographers posts. I’m so excited to share some of the blogging photographers I’ve seen on the WordPress.com Reader lately. I love seeing life through the eyes of other photographers. Please take a moment to enjoy a coffee and a few stimulating photos from photographersContinue reading “Highlighting Photographers”

Squirrel Days

The rise in summer temperatures has us all reaching for something cooler. Things like ice cream and immersing our bodies into bodies of water have been very appealing. I can only imagine that animals may be feeling similarly as I sit here writing this post in my wonderfully comfortable air conditioned office. All summer I’veContinue reading “Squirrel Days”

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