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Life has a way of tossing pebbles at your feet to see if you can keep your balance while staying the course. Lately, I’ve had a couple tossed my way and I’m navigating the journey as best I can. The terrain on this leg of the journey is proving to be profound in ways I…

Highlighting Photographers

Today’s installment of Highlight Photographers showcases a few of the most stunning photos I’ve seen this year. I truly love sharing work from the blogging photographers I’ve come across on WordPress Reader. These monthly posts help me stay connected to the craft and fill me with inspiration for my own photography. Please take a moment…

Autumn Falls

Rays of sun shine brightly upon changing tones Tides shift and a rebirth awakens the soul Windy breezes requesting your hand for a dance A new dawn begging you for a chance Keni Dobbs Readers, I’ve been researching to find reasonably priced real estate presets to import into Adobe Lightroom. I’ll be forever grateful for…

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