Do you believe in numerology?

Disclaimer: The claims mentioned in the article discussed have not been verified by official sources.

While I’m not an overly religious person, I am religious and spiritual. I believe there are energies and forces in the world that aid and guide us and can influence the way we feel constantly.

I recently came across an article after researching what it means to see the numbers 4:44 often. For months, I’ve been seeing those numbers in various forms, but mostly on clocks. According to an article written by Sarahdawn Tunis titled Time To Focus: Angel Number 4, she indicates that the number 4 is angelic in nature and is a means for angels to communicate with people on this plane to offer guidance and reassurance.

It is also a symbol of the four natural elements: water, fire, earth and air, as well as the cardinal directions: north, east, south and west. She mentions that the number 4 is specifically associated with the high-ranking archangels connecting the physical plane to the spiritual plane. It is believed that they mean to assist you in accomplishing your dreams and goals into a reality. Safety and stability are the foundation for the number 4 as well as personal well-being: mental and physical.

The number 4 is a spiritual call to root yourself and focus on embracing your purpose in life. Confidence and perseverance are staple characteristics of this number that implore you to seek deeper inside yourself in order to rise to your fullest potential.

I decided I needed to dig deeper and see if she had anything to say about seeing the number 4 repeated three times. In another article titled Make It Happen: Angel Number 444, she refers to the significance of seeing this number tripled ensues encouragement to build a stable foundation and boldly follow your path to growth and success. Using fear as a means to give up on your dreams is an unlikely option.

Maybe I was guided here to WordPress to start my blogging journey and follow my path to success. Just mere weeks ago I found it extremely difficult to focus on building the business. I didn’t touch my laptop for weeks and I had no desire to continue my journey into photography.

Of course, there are many other factors that may have contributed to my lack of focus. Possibly, the shear amount of things I know I need to learn, as well as the things I need to learn but don’t yet know about were culprits of my diminished focus. Maybe other less friendly numbers played a hand in my avoidance to work. There are so many things that influence how we feel and decide to go about life.

No matter the motivation, I’m glad to be here and hope you are glad to be here with me!

Next time, I will explore the meaning of the number 11:11 and what significance it may provide for my life in relation to photography.

Comment to share any experiences you may have had with numerology.

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