Highlighting Photographers

Today’s installment of Highlight Photographers showcases a few of the most stunning photos I’ve seen this year. I truly love sharing work from the blogging photographers I’ve come across on WordPress Reader. These monthly posts help me stay connected to the craft and fill me with inspiration for my own photography. Please take a momentContinue reading “Highlighting Photographers”

Highlighting Photographers

It’s that time again! Here is another installment of my Highlight Photographers posts. I’m so excited to share some of the blogging photographers I’ve seen on the WordPress.com Reader lately. I love seeing life through the eyes of other photographers. Please take a moment to enjoy a coffee and a few stimulating photos from photographersContinue reading “Highlighting Photographers”

Squirrel Days

The rise in summer temperatures has us all reaching for something cooler. Things like ice cream and immersing our bodies into bodies of water have been very appealing. I can only imagine that animals may be feeling similarly as I sit here writing this post in my wonderfully comfortable air conditioned office. All summer I’veContinue reading “Squirrel Days”

Last Days Of Summer 2021

This summer has been very good to me. I’ve made up for a lot of diminished traveling in 2020. I’ve tried sharing just about everything about my summer and I hope readers have enjoyed what I have to offer. Since I’ve been here, there, and everywhere, I haven’t been as focused on writing posts overContinue reading “Last Days Of Summer 2021”

Highlighting Photographers

I’m back with another post to highlight some of the blogging photographers I’ve seen on the WordPress.com Reader. Photography is not a one-size-fits-all realm of artistic expression. There are so many different styles and techniques photographers use to make their photos unique! Please take a minute to enjoy a few stimulating photos from photographers allContinue reading “Highlighting Photographers”

Off To A Great Start!

This post will be written in real-time but published post-trip. There are lots of details to help you feel immersed in every part. Get ready to experience this trip with me! All packed and ready to go! Tickets have been booked. Reservations have been made for lodging. Rental car has been reserved. It seems everythingContinue reading “Off To A Great Start!”

A Sign Of The Times

Backyard barbecues and seafood boils. Family trips in and out of the country. Summer camps and budding adolescent life of those who are left most vulnerable to the effects of the pandemic. These are things that will shape the summer for me. It’s been such a long road. Now, we’re nearing the other side ofContinue reading “A Sign Of The Times”

Zen For Your Thoughts

Stress, anxiety, and worry have been at the top of most of our minds for over a year now. Regardless of how recent events have affected us all, we all have one thing in common: navigating through some of the worst tragedies in modern history. It’s easy to say that we should all come togetherContinue reading “Zen For Your Thoughts”