Off To A Great Start!

This post will be written in real-time but published post-trip. There are lots of details to help you feel immersed in every part. Get ready to experience this trip with me! All packed and ready to go! Tickets have been booked. Reservations have been made for lodging. Rental car has been reserved. It seems everythingContinue reading “Off To A Great Start!”

A Sign Of The Times

Backyard barbecues and seafood boils. Family trips in and out of the country. Summer camps and budding adolescent life of those who are left most vulnerable to the effects of the pandemic. These are things that will shape the summer for me. It’s been such a long road. Now, we’re nearing the other side ofContinue reading “A Sign Of The Times”

Zen For Your Thoughts

Stress, anxiety, and worry have been at the top of most of our minds for over a year now. Regardless of how recent events have affected us all, we all have one thing in common: navigating through some of the worst tragedies in modern history. It’s easy to say that we should all come togetherContinue reading “Zen For Your Thoughts”

Do you believe in numerology?

Disclaimer: The claims mentioned in the article discussed have not been verified by official sources. While I’m not an overly religious person, I am religious and spiritual. I believe there are energies and forces in the world that aid and guide us and can influence the way we feel constantly. I recently came across anContinue reading “Do you believe in numerology?”