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Life has a funny way of talking back to you. When you put yourself out there, you never know what you may receive in return.

Keni Dobbs

Recently, I’ve been practicing putting myself out there. In the past, I was outgoing and regularly did things in front of an audience. I performed in talent shows within my community and at school, acted in school plays and even had a few modeling experiences. I realize that I was so confident and comfortable to get on stage because I had an amazing family and support system.

Growing up with healthy communication at home means that I’m no stranger to giving my opinion on matters I find to be familiar or interesting. I love reading articles and watching videos, then leaving short comments to either let the writer or vlogger know I have been there and done that or offer advice on the matter.

About two weeks ago (the middle of February), I decided to write to USA Today in response to an article I read about how couples are struggling to communicate during COVID. The article mentioned how one spouse may say one thing and the other may interpret that in a different way. After reading the article there was a link that you were encouraged to click if you too experienced “crossed signals”.

So, I clicked.

I was then taken to a webpage and asked to answer a few short questions in relation to the topic of the article.

So, I answered.

Playfully, I explained a few things bugging me at home during the duration of pandemic life and getting used to new norms. Things like expectations to simultaneously do all of the morning tasks for the family were mentioned. I also outlined a few triggers that tend to fire me up like the constant interruptions that directly affect my ability to spread my wings and avoid being only a spouse and parent. Lastly, I jokingly noted that those few irritations may or may not be taking a minor toll on the relationship.

Me and my big mouth!

The universe and powers that be challenged me to confront and expand on those expressed feelings. Next thing you know, I received an email from a reporter at USA Today requesting an interview with myself and my spouse. After performing a quick Google search to vet her, I eagerly checked schedules and arranged a couple of phone calls for us with a woman named Charisse Jones.

During the interview, she informed me we would be recorded and began asking about my background and where I live. She asked about my life as a parent then proceeded to probe about my life changes and differences as a result of COVID-19. We talked about those daily expectations from my response and I went into further detail about omelettes, coffee and virtual school.

She went on to ask about spousal contributions and if there was a strain on my marriage so I replied this and that but nothing too serious. She asked me how I cope when I start to feel overwhelmed or stressed. I vaguely hinted at the way I purposefully purchase hot and spicy foods so my spouse will avoid eating them or leave the bathroom window open during cold winter days (my favorite place to escape) so my spouse won’t use it.

After a while I began to suspect that she may not be receiving the type of material for which she was looking. By the end of the call, we had shared quite a few laughs. She informed me that if she used our material she would reach back out for a photo and asked if it would be okay for me to send one in. I ended with “of course I can since I am a photographer” and we said our goodbyes.

Even though the reporter probably didn’t use our interview I still enjoyed shaking up the day with something unexpected and fun.

What fun, unexpected experience can you share with me? Share a comment below. I’d love to hear!

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