Welcome to Our 5-Part Affirmation Series

This is a 5-part series about a few affirmations that have assisted myself and others during times of adversity and challenges. Each affirmation is inspired by an uplifting poem. Maybe you can lean on them too when facing your own obstacles in life.

Utilize Your Religion

Religion is vast in a way that leaves room for everyone to find a method to embrace it. It’s the unseen, metaphysical plane of comfort we seek when we require a guiding presence. We lean into religion during all moments of our lives. It grounds us and connects us to others who receive spirituality in a way we can recognize in relation to our own methods of religion.

When you are happy, sad, mad, frustrated, lost and overwhelmed, most likely, you turn to a higher power that you deem meaningful to your spiritual health. We use religion as a means to release burdens and work through difficulties that occur just as much as we use it to be thankful for blessings and good things that happen to us. For example, you may perform traditional religious practices widely associated with church, or you may gravitate toward praying or meditating on your own as a method of practicing your religion.

When the going gets tough, just lean into your spirituality and it will keep you motivated to get through the hard times.

Keni Dobbs
Photographer, Videographer & Blogger

The most wonderful thing about religion is there is no one-size-fits-all. You don’t have to commit to just one religion at a time or in life. Most methods of spirituality are quite similar with subtle differences. Even if you fail to be consistent in your spiritual practices, you can always pick them up again whenever you feel the need.

Having a way to reconnect with yourself inside is just as important as pulling hours in the gym. Joining others and a community that you can refill your spiritual cup with can be fulfilling. Life has a way of presenting challenges that can be difficult to navigate without an array of reinforcements.

Think about how you practice your religion or spirituality. Are you consistent or has it been a while? Do you feel comfortable within your practice? Are you getting what you need or is it time to rethink your path to happiness?

Remember that you can face any obstacle with the right armor and a healthy outlet. Check in with yourself regularly. Realign your mind, body and spirit so you can be the most top-notch version of you that you can possibly be. When the going gets tough, just lean into your spirituality and it will keep you motivated to get through the hard times.

Please enjoy our inspiration for this affirmation!

No Time To Pray
So many times
I hear people say
"We are so busy,
And have no time to pray."

Yet there we are sitting
In front of the screen,
Texting or playing,
- You know what I mean.

Why is it so hard
To set aside time,
To find solitude
And pray for a sign?

Why do we struggle
With boredom each day?
Yet, not bother taking
Ten minutes to pray?

So many hours
Are wasted each week,
When we could be praying
For the answers we seek.

So let's make a plan
At the start of each day,
To make time for God
And in that time -Pray.

Angela Harvey Pitcher

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