Practice Makes Perfect

Motivation can be hard to come by in circumstances like a global pandemic. I’m pretty sure at least some of us can relate to that. Being on lock-down and having restricted movements has heightened my appreciation for diverse human interaction. It also allowed me to truly appreciate my health and the many blessings I’ve experienced. The pandemic also showed me that the time is now to live life. Waiting is not an option. The universe has encouraged me to step a couple of feet further into the ocean of life.

If you follow my blog, then you know I’ve had a couple of struggles with motivation to influence my entrepreneurial endeavors. You also know that I’ve been traveling again and sharing those trips and journeys with you. The new energy of having vaccines to combat “Covid” coupled with the warmer temperatures and available activities reignited my desire to move forward with becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Lately, I’ve been practicing different shots and lighting options to help perfect my craft. I must say I’m enjoying getting to know photography so much that I’ve gotten lost in time. I’ve even decided what type of photography I want to focus on first. I think real estate photography will provide the most flexibility for my life and my current level of expertise. With my son in summer camp during the day, I have time to think about the direction of my life. I’m starting to see a better picture of how full my life can be again and I love it!

Practice makes perfect so I’ll keep at it and keep pushing myself to take commercial and dynamic shots for an epic portfolio. This week, I practiced shooting with my Flashpoint off-camera flash with a built-in receiver. I set my Sony A7III camera up on my Manfrotto BeFree 3-Way Live tripod in the corner of the room that best captured the area and attached my speedlight flash to a multi-use tripod. I played around with the flash power output via the Flashpoint R2-T Mark II for a few shots to get better acquainted with my equipment. At one point I thought I broke the camera sensors until I realized you can’t see lower ISO intervals when the flash is active. After I understood the differences between having the flash on and off I snapped a few more photos, then uploaded them into Adobe Lightroom for editing. There are a few things to tweak in order to find the right balance of exposure and light but I’ll get there.

Food for thought: Remember to give those you depend on space to enhance themselves. Things need room to grow.

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Published by Keni Dobbs

I'm an entrepreneur who loves to capture the essence of my surroundings. Whether it be events or real estate, painting with light is the perfect medium to provide the best visual experience. I invite you to take this journey with me as I navigate the world of photography in an effort to grow and expand Kaptured by Keni Photography.

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