Aruba Ariba!

After months of freezing temperatures, frequent snowing and lack of sunny skies……TROPICAL VACATION! My trip to Aruba couldn’t have come soon enough and now it was finally here! Last week, I briefly mentioned a dream (nightmare) I had while in paradise. This week I figured why not share some details of my trip along withContinue reading “Aruba Ariba!”

Pandemic Vacations

I see a beautiful, warm, tropical, relaxing beach with views of endless ocean and sun rays for days. I reach over to clasp a mesmerizing glass of swirled icy-cold frozen Mai Tai garnished with a strawberry and an umbrella. I pressed my sun shades up onto my face as they slip a bit from theContinue reading “Pandemic Vacations”

Working and Parenting

In the midst of COVID-19 Pandemic They say the hardest job in the world is being a parent or full-time caretaker. Whether hands-on or from a distance, engaged parents and caretakers perform an often thankless job with no HR department for complaints about client tantrums and public meltdowns. Nowadays, times have shifted into an unmappedContinue reading “Working and Parenting”