Return To In-Person

Today, my husband has gone to meet up with a couple of vaccinated colleagues from work for lunch. I assume they’re preparing to return to the office or some level of hybrid attendance. He informed me just this morning of plans in the works for anyone who wants to get back into the office orContinue reading “Return To In-Person”

Mother’s Day

Shout out to all the extraordinary moms out there! Moms are dynamic beings who perform the most important job on the planet: molding small humans. When you think about it, moms shape the world in many different ways. Physically forming a child within the body, welcoming a child into the world, and attempting to createContinue reading “Mother’s Day”

Thank You, Readers

Today, I wanted to take a moment and welcome all readers and subscribers and thank you all for making me feel seen. After things change your life, it can be difficult to find your place in your new world. I’ve experienced many struggles that lead me to believe that I may not be on theContinue reading “Thank You, Readers”

USA Today Article About Me

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post about being interviewed about my home life during the pandemic and stay-at-home orders. I was interviewed by a woman named Charisse Jones from USA Today in response to an inquiry about “crossed signals” couples have developed while creating a new norm within the home. I’m pleased toContinue reading “USA Today Article About Me”

Aruba Ariba!

After months of freezing temperatures, frequent snowing and lack of sunny skies……TROPICAL VACATION! My trip to Aruba couldn’t have come soon enough and now it was finally here! Last week, I briefly mentioned a dream (nightmare) I had while in paradise. This week I figured why not share some details of my trip along withContinue reading “Aruba Ariba!”

Missed Anniversary

(Disclaimer: This post was written on a mobile device and is not in standard Kaptured by Keni format.) Lately, as the world has begun to reopen and find its new normal, I too am doing the same. Finding new ways to cope with the challenges that came with Covid-19 has been difficult for us all.Continue reading “Missed Anniversary”

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Have you ever been involved and tried to break it off? How many attempts did it take before your juncture was accepted? I’m currently at an impasse with Winter Season. After all these years in and out of each other’s lives, you’d think Winter would be familiar with the concept that “seasons change”. In caseContinue reading “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do”

Old Plumbing…Who Knew?

When it rains, it pours. This famous idiom presented itself upon my presence the other week. In very much a literal sense, I recently had an issue with an aging plumbing system in my home. If you’ve ever seen dominoes fall then you may understand. It all started when my kitchen faucet sprayer decided toContinue reading “Old Plumbing…Who Knew?”