Life has a way of tossing pebbles at your feet to see if you can keep your balance while staying the course. Lately, I’ve had a couple tossed my way and I’m navigating the journey as best I can. The terrain on this leg of the journey is proving to be profound in ways I never imagine for myself. I’ve had to slow down and step carefully to avoid slipping too far off course.

This new development has made me reevaluate certain things in my life and remap my path toward my current life goals. With this knowledge, I’ve chosen to embrace the new challenges instead of focusing on the difficulties I may face along the way. Having this kind of mindset has revealed the growth I’ve been experiencing in order to constantly create a better version of myself.

Today, I want to share some exciting news with you all then, talk about three specific dreams I’ve had this week that I feel have meaning behind them. First, my family has purchased a new home that we’re excited to renovate to fit our needs! I plan to take you on that journey since you never know what you might get with renovating older homes in long established neighborhoods like mine. Second, to avoid a jinx, hopefully I’ll have other good news to share in the upcoming weeks. It’s something very personal and delicate but still very exciting.

Keeping reading to find out my latest mystery to solve.

The Dreams

When you remember dreams vividly, it usually means there’s some type of message behind it for you to decipher and apply to your life. The universe gives us all types of tools to guide us when we’re facing new territory. Allow me to share some of my dreams this week and maybe you can help me figure out what it all means.


The first dream involved a frog. I was going about my day in Dreamland enjoying the sights and sounds when the frog appeared seemingly out of nowhere. It didn’t talk or attack me and it was about the size of my hand. I tried to scoop it up without touching or harming it so I could safely remove from the area it as it seemed so out of place. Shortly afterwards, I woke up and wrote down the general topic of the dream to research later.

While conducting a little research I discovered some fascinating explanations for what dreaming about frogs could mean. According to, dreaming of frogs is actually a good thing. The frog I dreamt about was dark green and in my home. This typically indicates life adjustments as well as success. More specifically, it’s a sign of achievements and inner peace. The article goes on to mention how seeing a frog inside your home symbolizes that you’ll achieve your goals. While seeking a more in depth explanation of trying to physically move the frog in my dream I found that it can mean there will be obstacles along my path toward my goal but eventually I may still manage to accomplish success.

I feel that the article parallels perfectly with what’s currently happening in my life. A lot of the time I feel like I have to jump multiple hurdles in a row before I can finally accomplish certain things in my life. Hopefully this dream can be considered reassurance that staying the course will benefit me in the long run.

Lions, Water and Lost

The next dream started out okay then evolved into the most peculiar series of events. I was going about my day running a few errands when I found myself turned around and lost. I pulled over into a driveway to try locating myself on the map with my cellphone’s gps, except the thing was on the fritz as if there were some type of electronic interference. As if getting lost isn’t bad enough, I also managed to get caught in a torrential downpour from a sudden rainstorm that made the situation seem impossible. It didn’t seem like things could get much worse until the owners of the driveway prepared their family to leave and emerged to get into their family car. Before the father took his seat, he released a tidal wave of water downhill right toward me.

I placed my car in gear and proceeded to leave when I noticed a jogger running alongside my vehicle. I didn’t think much of it at first until I saw a huge male lion running alongside the jogger. Of course I panicked and started to try rescuing the jogger until I noticed they weren’t afraid or in danger. As I rounded a corner I then noticed an entire lion pride spread out in what looked like a power station above a rushing river. None of the lions seemed bothered by my presence or the massive amount of rain and water surrounding us all. That’s when I woke up and wrote down as much as I could remember.

I came across an article from that expressed dreaming of a lion signifies personal willpower intertwining with divinity. Spiritually seeing a lion means strength, self-confidence and manifestation. Possessing these traits will be necessary to propel you toward achieving your aspirations. Dreaming of a lion relates to shifting your spiritual energy to exude brave passion and eliminate self-sabotage. Calm lions represent keeping your composure in the midst of chaos proving yourself to be more powerful than you know. The presence of the lions around the power station may be there to emphasize the notion of inner power.

Next, I looked up an article from about being lost. While being lost may not necessarily relate to stress or anxiety, the article states that being lost more closely represents a disconnection between your true nature and where you currently are in life. Any signs of stress or anxiety within the dream is usually a sign of an underlying life complication of which you may or may not be consciously aware.

Finally, I did a search about moving water in dreams. What I found was very interesting. Water in dreams can indicate how we may be feeling in our waking life according to Let’s start with the color of all the water I saw: clear. Clear but choppy water like what I saw rushing down the driveway and in the river can symbolize purification that will flow through your life but may be a sign having difficulty controlling your emotions. The turbulent water in the river can signify unpredictable obstacles and uncertainties you may experience. The rain in my dream may hold many interpretations. Most likely, as mentioned by, the heavy rain I saw may signify concern or fear of something outside of my control. Weather happens to us and truly is out of our control.

The symbol of the lion is relatable as I’ve been feeling shaky lately as far as how I can go about accomplishing my goals with all of the obstacles I continue to face. It’s encouraging to have spiritual support manifest through my dreams in this manner. Moving on to the topic of being lost, I feel it correlates to the path my life has taken. You set goals when you are young and filled with potential, but life is life and things happen that may lead you in a different direction. Sometimes that path can still lead you to your goal but often times you may never make it, thus forcing yourself to readapt to ever changing circumstances. Lastly, each state of water I saw may represent the different challenges related to various aspects of my life. I may not be able to directly control everything but hopefully I have the tools to navigate each obstacle.


The final dream in my trilogy was about getting my nails done at a nail salon. First, I sat down for a pedicure. The technician was very slow. In fact, I fell asleep within the dream while waiting for her to finish. Once I was done, I had to wait to be assigned a booth to get a manicure. After I finally began to get my nails painted, the technician walked away for so long that I fell asleep again. When she returned and I asked her how much longer she might take to finish. She informed me that she would have to stop for now and asked me to return the next day to get them finished. Needless to say, I woke up irritated and confused so I wrote that down too.

In waking life, getting your nails done is a part of grooming, appearances, and looking nice. Upon a web search, I found an article by, which stated that getting a pedicure in a dream is about self-care that isn’t necessary to boast about. It’s about maintaining an inner peace that can be noticed by those who look closely at you but is more private to just you. The manicure aspect of the dream is a representation of attention to detail and caring for fragile things. associates dreams about manicures with taking your time to accomplish something beautiful. Having my nails done at a nail salon, according to, is an indication that you are unbothered and relaxed within your relationship and what you do for work. suggests taking a nap in a dream means you should give yourself a break.

I’ve been performing a great amount of self-exploration and self-reflection in relation to where I am in my life, where I want to go, and how to get there. I take this as a sign that I need to be conscious of myself and how I feel. Fulfillment sometimes comes a cost and I need to find the right balance to give what others need from me as well as getting what I need from others. This dream interpretation is helping me to be mindful of the delicate balance between current reality and desired reality.

Readers, I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing and deciphering it. Our dreams are mysterious. They help us navigate our waking lives by making us aware of things that are affecting us and our abilities to cope in everyday life.

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