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Autumn is rolling in slowly, but surely, and with that brings a new school year and a reason for parents to actually get some work done. Summer made it hard for me to focus on the business and perfecting my craft. I took a few trips and had a few dips. Now that things are settling down a bit I’ve been trying to raise my enthusiasm about diving all the way into photography.

Last year was all about discovering my like for photography and that morphed into a love for it. I’ve been practicing more and more and I think I’m getting better at it. Now that I’ve decided to hone in on Real Estate Photography, I’ve been practicing like crazy this week. If you’ve read my post titled Practice Makes Perfect, then you know what equipment I have to work with so far.

I’ve been practicing different techniques while shooting my dining room at home. Besides, the best practice ground is your own ground. Before starting my shoot I was sure to clear the area to make it look nice and tidy (it’s much easier now that my eating table is no longer a makeshift classroom). Then I ready all of my websites and online articles I’ve read with information to help me get set up for a series of shots. I’ll list the helpful links below.

I learned that most real estate photographers prefer to shoot in Aperture Priority mode while at times using brackets for different exposures in order to create an enhanced HDR photo. I also enlisted the help of my handy off-camera flash to provide details in the darker areas when I merged the photos. Another thing I learned is the ideal f-stop is 8.0 for real estate photography. Paired with an ISO 400 when using the flash and an ISO 100 without a flash, this helps to reduce noise that you can sometimes get when shooting with a higher ISO. It’s also a great idea to use the off-camera flash on a light stand when giving a little extra light to darker corners of a room. The most important part of a still shoot like this also requires setting a self-timer or the use of a remote to wirelessly trigger the camera. The last thing you want in your crisp shot is the distraction of camera shake.

Below I’ve listed a few links I came across while conducting research. I thought they might be helpful to at least one more person. Feel free to take a look!

But First!

Squirrel hanging out on my patio

Keni Dobbs | Kaptured By Keni Photography


Readers, I need your help. I’ve been researching to find reasonably priced real estate presets to import into Adobe Lightroom. I’ll be forever grateful for any tips or insight you might have. I hope you enjoyed this week’s post and I look forward to next week!

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