Kindergarten Bound

Sounds the horns! Pound the drums! My little guy is moving on up to kindergarten after completing one of the craziest school years he may ever have in his life. I must commend him on engaging and interacting during virtual class sessions and being brave enough to agree to an in-person hybrid schedule.

Fortunately, he was in daycare before the pandemic and was able to get a taste of a structured school environment before being thrust into pandemic life. Being an only child during the pandemic hindered him in ways I couldn’t imagine. Limited interactions with other children may have affected his social development causing minor delays in his maturity.

Now that tides have shifted in a better direction I feel that he will begin to “grow up” a little and resist the urge to revert to what I called the “babyfied” phase. He’s able to interact with family when we travel for a visit now that summer has commenced and the adults in his immediate vicinity have all been fully vaccinated.

The process of growing can be scary for anyone. Those who emerge on the other side gain a better sense of self and who they want to become. I’m excited to witness how he develops and navigates growing up in the tech age (not to mention the increasing numbers of disasters that seem to plague our societal peace more often than before). Looking forward provides hope for the future and I see a very bright future for my little man.

How have your little ones been affected by the pandemic? Does it cause you any concern and how do you navigate through that concern? I’d love to hear from you!

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Published by Keni Dobbs

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