Zen For Your Thoughts

Stress, anxiety, and worry have been at the top of most of our minds for over a year now. Regardless of how recent events have affected us all, we all have one thing in common: navigating through some of the worst tragedies in modern history. It’s easy to say that we should all come together and end the madness plaguing societies all over the world. Managing to change the stubborn minds of those in power and those who think they are in power long enough for true change and equality to occur has proven to be too great of a hurdle.

During times like the present things can appear to be too much to handle and can sometimes affect our mental health and overall well-being. Despite the chaos unfolding around us we still have to take care of ourselves. I’m sure you’ve heard this story time and time again.

This week I decided to get back into mindfulness, being more aware of how I feel and allow things around me to affect me, and my response to my surroundings. The featured photo for this post was inspired by the Zen Zone I created for my meditation sessions. The senses can become more harmonious by activating soothing scents, clearing spiritual energy, and diminishing natural elements to low light and calming fire. The ability to focus and remain level is a necessary skill for achieving access to higher vibrations that may influence the positive outcome of any situation.

We must love ourselves first before we can influence others with love.

Keni Dobbs

The fact of the matter is some of us have the ability to change the things that make us uncomfortable while most of us have to stay focused on preventing things in our lives from falling apart. Luckily I waited to write this post, otherwise, I may have missed out on the opportunity to include a poem written by a fellow WordPress blogger by the name of reflectsapathy. Click here to check it out!

What do you do to refocus your energy and how does that energy affect people and situations in your life? Leave a comment or words of encouragement in exchange for appreciation of your thoughts.

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Published by Keni Dobbs

I'm an entrepreneur who loves to capture the essence of my surroundings. Whether it be events or real estate, painting with light is the perfect medium to provide the best visual experience. I invite you to take this journey with me as I navigate the world of photography in an effort to grow and expand Kaptured by Keni Photography.

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