Spring New Life!

The change in the weather lately has given me new life and inspiration. I’ve been feeling pretty well this week so I decided to direct my new energy into nurturing life. The beautiful skies and warm temperatures have allowed me to tap into something I haven’t felt in a while.

My son and I felt driven to take a trip to our local Lowe’s Home Improvement store to purchase a gorgeous Majesty Palm and materials to plant flowers named Zinnia. Each of these plants are easy to maintain indoors so they are perfect for small spaces if you’d like to liven up the place.

Adding plants to your living space can aid personal healing and promote positive propulsion in life. Let’s face it, we all can use something to counteract the loss we’ve all experienced for over a year now. These beauties in particular also increase oxygen volume that may come in handy when practicing yoga or meditating. Plus, they’re also pretty easy on the eyes.

Take a look at a few photos from this morning’s activity!

Check out some behind the scenes photos of the shoot!

I truly enjoyed getting dirty and having fun planting spring flowers. Do you have a green thumb or have a garden? I’d love to hear about what you like to do at the start of spring. Leave a comment or even a photo of your plants below.

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Published by Keni Dobbs

I'm an entrepreneur who loves to capture the essence of my surroundings. Whether it be events or real estate, painting with light is the perfect medium to provide the best visual experience. I invite you to take this journey with me as I navigate the world of photography in an effort to grow and expand Kaptured by Keni Photography.

2 thoughts on “Spring New Life!

  1. Love the plants. Such a refreshing read. Your photography skills are on point. Catchy name, Kaptured by Keni. I need to hire you to help with my dying plants and for my upcoming event.


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