Mother’s Day

Shout out to all the extraordinary moms out there! Moms are dynamic beings who perform the most important job on the planet: molding small humans. When you think about it, moms shape the world in many different ways. Physically forming a child within the body, welcoming a child into the world, and attempting to create the best chance at life for a child no matter what that looks like isn’t celebrated enough.

The way I see it, moms are created by a plethora of interconnected circumstances. Most are traditional by way of giving birth and starting a family. While that is a known fact, we can’t truly celebrate this Mother’s Day without acknowledging all forms of motherhood. As you comb over all the mothers you know, try not to forget untraditional mothers like:

  • adopted mothers
  • foster mothers
  • sisters, aunts, and cousins who care like mothers
  • godmothers
  • transgendered mothers
  • any other motherly figure you can think of

While I’m at it, let me shine some glory on pet moms who feel adjacent to moms of humans. They love their fur babies just as much as they love kids.

I’d like to also acknowledge that moms are only human and they may not always get parenting right on the first try…or any try. Be patient with the moms in your life. Most likely, they’re barely holding it together on a good day. Nice gestures like cleaning or taking care of dinner show appreciation and acknowledgement to moms who prioritize love and care for everyone before themselves.

Embrace the moms of today and remember the moms of yesterday who can no longer receive your physical embrace. Mother’s Day is a national holiday but you should celebrate mothers and motherhood every day.

Kaiden wishes all the moms of the world a Happy Mother’s Day!
Kaptured By Keni Photography

Comment below and share your insight about motherhood and what Mother’s Day means to you!

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