Bad Dreams

One night last week while I was vacationing in Aruba, I had trouble sleeping. I tossed. I turned. I tried to refocus myself so that I could get a good night of sleep. To no avail, I couldn’t shake this dream, or rather n i g h t m a r e no matter how many times I woke up and went back to sleep.

To set the scene, here I am on a beautiful paradise island lying next to my wonderful spouse after a day of snorkeling and an amazing dinner out, yet I can’t seem to shake these troublesome visions manifesting in my unconscious state of mind.

Keni Dobbs | Kaptured by Keni | Location: Aruba

So I decided to write about it to decompress a bit before I raise concern and try to resolve my thoughts.

My college roommate and I have been friends since she walked up to me in the hallway of our high school, asked me to confirm what university I was accepted to, and then asked if I would mind being her roommate to avoid bunking with a random person. Obviously I said yes to this proposal.

We quickly became best friends as my mother predicted and after a while you couldn’t see one of us without the other.

We’ve seen each other in various stages of life: relationships (good and bad), school, jobs and children. I thought after so many years of friendship that we would be friends for life. Eventually she started displaying a few alarming traits. At some point she began “ghosting” me and I began to fall back from the friendship that was quickly turning into an acquaintanceship in order to protect myself.

I like to think of myself as warm, loving and forgiving (to a certain extent). I continued to push forward with the friendship because I hate losing faith in loved ones closest to me.

Let’s cut to the nightmare dream.

Inception Clean Key Art © Warner Brothers

I was returning home from a trip to an apartment we shared. Everything seemed normal. We greeted each other and engaged in light conversation. This is where things get weird and reminds me of the movie starring Leo DiCaprio titled Inception.

She informs me that I must move out of the apartment leaving me in complete shock as this request seemed to come out of thin air. Next, her partner (whom I don’t care for) emerged from whatever dark and damp hole he resided and encouraged her to keep going and stick to the request. Immediately I get upset and toss out a few well-deserved profanities in their direction.

By the end of it all, I was packing my belongings and making other living arrangements on short notice. This was familiar as I’ve had to make short notice living arrangements before.

She kept trying to talk to me but I WAS NOT HAVING IT. I guess you could say that I was livid. I assume I was so upset because the reality of our current relationship bled into the nightmare fueling an internal rage that was amplified by the input of this character she was involved with.

I felt like I couldn’t escape it!

Waking up and falling back to sleep was no help. I just kept picking up where I left off and that intensified creating a level of anger I haven’t experienced in a very long time.

I remember waking up and hoping it was morning so it would all end. Eventually, the sun rose and I returned to my actual reality in Aruba. In fact, I was so distraught by what I had experienced all night that I woke up and had a beer before breakfast. Cheers!

Have you ever had a tumultuous dream that left you in peril as it directly corresponded to your reality? I’d love to hear how you overcame that time in your life.

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