Missed Anniversary

(Disclaimer: This post was written on a mobile device and is not in standard Kaptured by Keni format.)

Lately, as the world has begun to reopen and find its new normal, I too am doing the same. Finding new ways to cope with the challenges that came with Covid-19 has been difficult for us all.

I have been finding ways to get busy and keep busy like photography (I promise I will display my latest work soon) and blogging (I really like this part). Adding self-care, time to relax and enjoying my hobbies have also contributed to this goal.

In all that constructive chaos, I found a moment to check the date. Immediately it dawned on me that, somehow, I missed my one year anniversary of starting my photography business.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Li Proverbe au Vilain (circa 1190)

It’s important to remember to recognize the things you’ve accomplished and take time to acknowledge where you are now versus the place from which you came. Being present in the moment allows you to take stock and be grateful to yourself for putting in the work.

This life isn’t always easy. Celebrate all things good and beautiful. When times get difficult, you can reflect in your reverie of future dreams and goals to propel you forward and allow you to stay the course.

One missed anniversary doesn’t ruin the celebration. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Celebrate when you can and avoid dwelling on things outside of your peripheral.

How did you manage when you realized you missed an important date or anniversary? Leave a comment below. Maybe someone needs your advice.

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Published by Keni Dobbs

I'm an entrepreneur who loves to capture the essence of my surroundings. Whether it be events or real estate, painting with light is the perfect medium to provide the best visual experience. I invite you to take this journey with me as I navigate the world of photography in an effort to grow and expand Kaptured by Keni Photography.

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