Welcome to Our 5-Part Affirmation Series

This is a 5-part series about a few affirmations that have assisted myself and others during times of adversity and challenges. Each affirmation is inspired by an uplifting poem. Maybe you can lean on them too when facing your own obstacles in life.

Embrace Romantic Chemistry:

When It Finds You

Suddenly, the birds sing more beautifully. Aromatic blooming flowers send sweet notes to dance with your nose. Your feet can barely touch the ground. Your heart shines like a bat signal in the night sky that blankets your universe. Those butterflies in your stomach say it all. You’ve found someone you really, really like!

Those feelings and emotions can be both exciting and frightening. They can emerge without personal warrant or desire with the potential to bring about a multitude of unpredictable changes. Finding love is comparable to winning the lottery. Some find it once, some find many loves and a few unfortunate souls never experience the pleasure of mutual love.

Remind yourself that you are deserving of a life partner with whom you can share and grow.

Keni Dobbs
Photographer, Videographer & Blogger

Think back to the feelings you felt when you had your first crush. You probably loved everything about that person. Shucks! Maybe you even had more than one crush at a time. None the less, you may have daydreamed about walks in the park or on the beach, date nights spent watching movies and sharing snacks together or double dates with other couples. If that’s not nostalgia, I don’t know what is!

Those are the moments that paint the picture of your love life. Over time and as you grow, your relationships tend to grow in tandem. Beaus and ladies commit to exclusivity within the relationship and begin a new phase along the journey of life mapping new roads to happiness. That is the thing about love. You can’t put it on your calendar and pencil it in between yoga classes and work. Love and romance are entities that require focus and commitment in order to flourish. Similar to a delicate flower, without proper care and maintenance, romantic relationships can whither and fall apart.

It’s easy to say “hold onto love” once it finds you, but what if you’re too afraid to interact with romance and love? Looking toward the future and what could be can be daunting when you’re going at it alone. It can be even more difficult to face the future knowing your life choices have the potential to affect another person and vice versa. During times like these, it’s important to check-in with yourself to be sure you’re ready to take the next steps with someone. Remind yourself that you are deserving of a life partner with whom you can share and grow. You are worth finding and being loved.

Please enjoy our inspiration for this affirmation!

I Think I Love You
Have you ever felt invincible
as if you could fly?

That's me, I'm soaring
On feelings so high.

This indescrible sensation 
of emotions I feel.

Are profound and revealing
incredibly real. 

My heart is thumping 
beating real fast.

My instincts tell me
that we can last.

So invincible I am 
and ready to leap.

Into this beautiful connection
that runs so deep. 

So if this is flying,
I pray it never stops.

I want to keep soaring,
well above the roof tops.


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