Find Your Tribe!

Call it a clan,

Call it a network,

Call it a tribe,

Call it a family:

Whatever you call it,

Whoever you are,

You need one.

Jane Howard

Historically, a tribe is known to be a collective of families or people who gather to support one another. They share the responsibilities of the success or downfall of their tribe. They share and pass on traditions that adhere to tribal roots like recipes, raising families and religion. They help one another to ensure everyone has the ability to accomplish goals and succeed inside and outside of the community.

How do you find your tribe? Most people join groups with others of similar interests. There are tons of ways to link with all types of interesting people with the help of social media platforms. Neighborhoods are also great incubators for creating tribes with the help of surrounding communities. The most influential figures you encounter in life are typically those closest to you. Some may have even had a hand in your upbringing.

Take a moment to think about it. What are your interest? Are you interested in tiny houses or RV trips? Maybe you like architecture or building tiny furniture. Most likely, there are others out there who are interested in the exact same things.

The need to belong for humans extends as far back as the beginning of the human timeline. It’s not enough to just know your interests and locate other individuals who enjoy the same things. You also have to be willing to put yourself out there no matter how intimidating it may be. Be fearless and put forth the effort to join a group.

If you need tips on the best ways to find your tribe, check out How to Find Your Tribe by Amanda Kohr, who outlines advice on stepping into this type of challenge. Here are a few of my best tips for finding a tribe:

Comment below and tell me know how you have discovered you tribe. If you haven’t, check out a few of those links above and get social!

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